Hidden Beaches in California

With 840 miles of coastline*, the opportunity to find hidden beaches in California is very good. An easy way to do this is to drive down highway 1 (Coastal Highway, PCH, etc.) and look for signs marked “Coastal Access“. There is usually a symbol with the text, that looks like binoculars. Be wary of signs that seem to go over private property, or involve crossing any fences or gates. Usually they are only displayed when there is a public right-of-way to the coastline (it doesn’t always mean there will be a beach!), and some routes may have been eroded over time so please use caution. The signs don’t always pan out, but when they do it’s glorious.

When we were in Mendocino, we followed a trail through a forested area and across a muddy area from a small stream to a cliffy shoreline with the most remarkable sunset. We were the only ones out on the bluff and it was one of my better California ‘beach’ moments. We love to find the more secluded or off-the-beaten-path areas when we travel, not because we are thrill-seekers or very adventurous, but because I love the serenity that it provides.

Hidden Beach in Mendocino County, California

Valentines Day Outfit His & Hers

Valentines day is just around the corner, and Rent the Runway asked my husband and I to participate in a fun little challenge. Each of us were sent the same quiz, and then chose a Valentines Day outfit from recommended looks. I thought it was really cute how the results turned out.

Shop his (above):

Valentines Day Outfit, Her pick

I chose something simple and comfortable. I’m amazed at how flattering this jumpsuit was on me, and loved the feel of the fabric. It’s something I’d also wear for a blogger event or dinner party.

Shop hers (mine):

If you want a chance to win a $75 credit to style your own outfit from Rent The Runway for Valentine’s Day, head over to my instagram for all the details.

South Bay Travel Guide

The big game is this weekend and although I’m not very into sports, I live just a few miles from Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara. Some of the events might be hosted in San Francisco, but the actual game is in the South Bay, near me! I’ve partnered with San Jose Airport to put together a little “unofficial” travel guide to the South Bay for those who might be in town for the game, or who are just visiting in general. These are some of my favorite things to eat, see, and do in the South Bay. I know that non-California locals will probably want to go places like In-N-Out, but I chose to share places unique to my area that are well known and loved. I’ve also got an amazing giveaway at the end of the post (hint: it’s tickets to to the big game!)

South Bay Travel Guide, perfect for the big game!

This post is in partnership with San Jose Airport. Thank you for helping to support the sponsors that make life here a little sweeter.

Pack for a Glamping Trip

What to pack for a Winter Glamping Trip. 20 items, 10+ days/outfits, 1 carry on suitcase. #travellight #packingtips #traveltips
1. Chunky Rib Knit Beanie / 2. Madewell Slouchy Beanie / 3. Madewell Marled Socks / 4. Madewell Embroidered Springcheck Scarf / 5. J.Crew Linen V-Neck Pocket Shirt / 6. J.Crew Garment Dyed Pocket Shirt / 7. Madewell White Cotton Courier Shirt / 8. J.Crew Chambray Shirt / 9. Madewell Landmark Texture Sweater / 10. J.Crew V-Neck Tunic Sweater / 11. Madewell Graduate Cardigan / 12. Madewell & Penfield Kasson Parka / 13. Madewell Courier Shirtdress in Buffalo Check / 14. Acne Studios Skin 5 Jeans / 15. J.Crew Saturday Pant / 16. Madewell Knit Leggings / 17. Madewell & Sorel® Out and About Boots / 18. Seavees For J.Crew 06/67 Monterey Sneakers / 19. Fjällräven ‘Kånken’ Water Resistant Backpack / 20. Jack Mulligan Kennedy Duffel Grey

Last year I did a post about what to pack for a Glamping trip, and it was one of my favorites. I used it as a baseline for a trip I took last year and it was pretty spot on. This updated list is a more wintery version, with some cool weather and rainproof accessories to keep you more snug. I’ve included the outfits below but left them open-ended as a glamping itinerary could vary widely.

Read on for the outfits, and some of my favorite places to Glamp!

Alt Summit Winter 2016

Last month I attended at Alt Summit Winter 2016. Not only was it my first full-scale Alt Summit conference, it was my first time speaking in public! I hosted a round table discussion about branding, and finding your niche in the blogging world. The flight into Salt Lake started out a little hectic. After receiving a flight delay notice I decided to head home and take my older son to school before heading to the airport (luckily only 10 minutes away!). Just as I was getting ready to drive him to school, I received a flight update that said my flight was still scheduled on time. I don’t know if it was destiny or dumb luck that I was able to get to the airport and make my flight, but I’m so glad I did. I arrived roughly an hour before it was scheduled for take off, and made it to my gate just before boarding. Phew!

Read on for more of my trip details!

Presenting at Alt Summit Winter 2016