Lake Tahoe, Photo Tips / Sunset on the Lake

team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-1 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-2 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-3 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-4 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-5 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-6 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-7 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-8 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-9 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-10 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-12 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-13 team-wiking-tahoe-sunset-14

Watching the sunset together is definitely one of our favorite past-times. The good news is that you can do it from almost anywhere. It not only lets the kids get their last wiggles out, but it’s a pretty good excuse to experiment with sunset photos.

I like to force myself to step outside of my comfort zone in regards to light sometimes. I’ve been especially curious lately about taking photos that aren’t exposed for faces. I find myself not shooting with a pure portrait style, thinking of other items in photographs, in this case it was the sunset. The settings on these photos vary, but most were taken at ISO 100/200, and between F2.8 and 7.1. I’m going to start working on my photo tips series again since I have had so many photography related questions lately.

What do you want to improve on in your photos? What would you like to learn?

52 Weeks / Week 34, Back to School

team-wiking-34-52-weeks-1 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-2 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-3 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-4 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-5 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-6 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-12 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-13 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-7 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-9 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-10 team-wiking-34-52-weeks-11

Aiden went back to school this week. He’s so excited to see his friends again but everyone else has the back-to-school blues. Going back means no more mid-week adventures for us, and planning even day trips well in advance. Søren was especially sad to see his best friend go, he even wanted to bring his own little backpack and kept asking to go to school with him. Maybe someday soon. All has been quiet as we change gears and focus on getting the house back in order after a summer on the go.

Are you happy with your Summer? Did you take any last minute pre back-to-school trips?

Places + Spaces / A Mountain Adventure

land-of-nod-adventure I came across this nursery design in one of my Land of Nod catalogs and felt like it just called for adventure. I feel like it goes well with our recent trip to Lake Tahoe so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items to create a room inspired by mountain adventures below.


1. Adventure A Day Banner / 2. Raccoon Pillow / 3. Canoe Banner / 4. Backpacking Banner / 5. Woodland Animals Growth Chart / 6. Campfire Nightlight / 7. Dipped Storage Basket / 8. Woodland Swaddle Blanket / 9. Fish Pillow / 10. Log Pillow / 11. Cozy Knit Blanket / 12. Camper Play Tent

Which items are your favorite? I really love the camper play tent. My boys would love it!

Lake Tahoe, Nevada / Sand Harbor Paddle Boarding

team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-1 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-2 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-4 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-3 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-5 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-6 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-7 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-8 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-9 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-10 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-11 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-12 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-13 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-14 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-15 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-16 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-17 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-22 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-18 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-19 team-wiking-sand-harbor-lake-tahoe-20 There is a special place in my heart for Lake Tahoe during the summer. There is sand, and there is water, but it is different than our usual beaches. Sand Harbor is a natural sand beach. The sand comes from the rocks tumbling down the mountainside and eventually turning into soft sand to stick your toes in. We met up with some family here and spent the whole day basking in the sun, moving sand around, and paddle boarding. It was magical.

Have you ever tried to Paddleboard? If not, do you want to?

Here + Wear, Lake Tahoe / Lakeside Weekend Outfit

here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-1 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-2 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-3 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-4 Clubmaster Sunglasses / Black Gingham Shirt / Rust Rolled Chinos / Green Espadrille Sneakers

After the thunderstorm moved along, the weather was beautiful in Tahoe. The cooler nights kept the days in the 70′s, my favorite. I like this outfit because it hides a swimsuit well (used a different cover-up while at the beach), and also that it looks nice enough to wear out and about.

Shop this look:

here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-5 here-wear-lake-tahoe-summer-6