52 Weeks / Week 37, At School

09/17/2014 — 8 Comments

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Ever since Aiden started school, Søren has been begging to go too. So while I was away Steve took the boys to visit Aiden’s school. Søren’s favorite thing to do is play on the smaller playground and pretend he’s one of the kids, and of course to roam the school like he owns it. He wasn’t very happy to go home. Despite the massive heatwave we just had, the long shadows of fall are starting to make their way into the evening light.

Mojave / Road trip to the Mojave Desert

09/16/2014 — 27 Comments

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Last weekend I took a little trip with a couple of family members to visit my brother who lives in the Mojave Desert. He and his wife are expecting a new little one so my Grandma, Mom, and other brother headed down for their shower. The valley morning was hazy from smoke in the foothills combined with a heat wave. I’m not fond of either of those things and my allergies were going crazy but the beautiful sunset and moonrise almost made up for it. I haven’t driven over Tehachapi pass in a car before, but have very fond memories from riding in the truck as a kid. I’m always surprised at how many memories come back when I visit places that I’ve been before. We made it down to see him just before the sunset.

Giveaways, Life / Reader Survey + Giveaway

09/15/2014 — 63 Comments


If you follow along regularly, you probably noticed that recently I made some changes to Team Wiking. The header and layout were the biggest changes, but I also switched up the sidebar, and added a floating navigation, as well as a back to top button to try to make your experience at Team Wiking a little better. The changes I made were in hopes of making it easier to navigate and read content. Any feedback you have I would appreciate in the comments below, or in the…


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Nevada / American Flats Guys Weekend

09/12/2014 — 28 Comments

team-wiking-steve-american-flats-1 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-2 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-3 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-4 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-5 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-6 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-7 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-8 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-9 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-10 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-11 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-12 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-13 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-14 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-15 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-16 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-17 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-18 team-wiking-steve-american-flats-19

Shortly after our trip to Tahoe, Steve went on a little trip with some friends to fly RC helicopters at an abandoned factory in Nevada. The factory is covered in graffiti and is set to be torn down later this year. I can only imagine how fun it must have been to fly their copters through the old windows and doorways. I’m always amazed at what a different view they can offer. Sometimes Steve lets me wear his goggles while he flies, it’s pretty awesome. On the way home they crossed the new Bay Bridge, something I haven’t been able to do yet.

Here + Wear, San Jose / A Date Downtown

09/11/2014 — 22 Comments

White Shirtdress Outfit White Shirtdress Outfit

Even though we live so close to San Jose, we hardly ever go to downtown. Lately I’ve had some business to take care of where getting a little dressed up was appropriate. I’ve really been into this shirt dress, especially at the end of summer. It’s so easy and has pockets which always win me over in a dress.

White Shirtdress Outfit White Shirtdress Outfit

A big thanks to Nancy for taking over my camera to snap these for me.